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Art Supply Review: Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen is one of those brush pens that you see all of the time if you follow calligraphers and hand lettering artists on Instagram. It also seems to be a big hit with many crafters.

So, I was pretty excited when I finally was able to buy one. Be calm and a ton of colors, and I have to say that they are worth all of the praise. The colors are gorgeous, and the brush has tons of flex. I think I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try brush lettering.


Quality Where Does it Stand?
Ergonomics/Feel It’s quite long. That seems to make it unwieldy for some, but it’s okay for me.
Tip Type Felt
Firmness Medium
Ability to Flex Medium
Tip Size Broad
Sharpness Medium
Ink flow Wet
Pigmentation Light
Waterproofness Not Waterproof
Lightfastness Not Lightfast
Acidity Acid Free
Color Availability 96 Colors!


The Tomboy Dual Brush ABT comes in a rainbow of colors! Since it is a water-based pen/marker, it has a lot of other abilities besides just putting down ink. You can blend colors with the Tombow and even do imitation watercolor patterns with it!

Not only that, but the squishy felt head gives you very smooth calligraphy, so it kind of erases your imperfections. Very nice.

Probably my favorite thing about this pen is how the colors fade out at the end of the downstroke. It gives this pretty gradient effect to your writing.

Oh, and since it is double-sided, it has another site which is not flexible, but you can use it for faux calligraphy or adding details to your lettering.


I haven't had this problem yet, but some people say that the tip doesn't last very long. apparently it's very easy for the felt tip to start fraying, making it unusable for lettering.

I wouldn't ever use this pen for something I was creating for a client since it is not lightfast, and would fade with time.

Also, since it is water-soluble, you couldn't use this underneath watercolors or any other water-based media.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

This is overall a great pen, and I can see myself buying a whole bunch of them in the future! I also think that this would be of very good beginner brush pen because it is easy to handle and makes very smooth calligraphy or hand lettering.

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