Art Supply Review: Uni Posca Paint Brush Pen (PCF-350)

Calligraphers are always looking for the perfect white ink, but what about the perfect white brush pen?

I’ve only ever seen a few, and so I had to try out this Uni POSCA when I saw one.

It's an ink-based brush pen that uses a pump system to deliver the pigment. Pretty unique, huh?


Quality Where Does it Stand?
Ergonomics/Feel It has a normal pen body, so it handles normally.
Tip Type Felt
Firmness Medium
Ability to Flex Stiff
Tip Size Medium
Sharpness Blunt
Ink flow Medium
Pigmentation Medium
Bleed No bleed
Watersolubility Waterproof
Copic/Alcohol Marker Proof Yes
Smell No smell
Lightfastness Very Lightfast
Acidity Acid Free
Toxicity Non-toxic
Color Availability 60 Colors


  • It’s a white brush pen!

  • You could use the Uni Posca for accents and really large brush lettering on toned or black paper, which is pretty cool.

  • Totally unintended, but you can mix the pigment from the Uni Posca with pigment from your water soluble pens (like the Winsor and Newton watercolor marker or the Tombow dual brush pen) to get pastel shades. That’s so cute!

  • You can use the Uni POSCA to write on unconventional surfaces. It will even write on glass, rocks, or porcelain. Basically, it will work on any surface you try! (Keep in mind that the paint can be wiped or scratched away on nonporous surfaces)


  • The white is not totally opaque, and the brush can get pretty dry unless you’re constantly pumping the button.

  • The bristles don’t really come to a sharp point, so it’s hard to get good detail with this brush. [1]

  • Did I mention how much I hate pumping the button? ‘Cause it’s a lot.

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

I had so many expectations for this price, but I don’t think I’ll be using it very often. I just hate that button, and no matter how many times I press it, I just can’t get the ink to be as juicy and wet as I want it to be.

Bristle brushes are generally harder to control than felt brushes, so I don’t think I would recommend this to a beginner.

In the end, it’s probably easier to work with an actual brush than the Uni POSCA brush pen.

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POSCA PCF–350 - paint, colour, draw, decorate, calligraph - All material markers


  1. It is also possible that there is a fine point version of this pan, which would make me very excited!  ↩